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Easy Journey Outbound Travel Insurance

The Outbound Travel Insurance plans are for GCC residents travelling overseas.

Some finer points of our "Outbound Travel Insurance":

    • Travel Secure Plan – This plan offers a comprehensive coverage to all travelers. The Emergency Medical cover is $1 Million with Nil excess/deductible on the medical claims. Nil excess means the insured need not pay anything from his pocket.
    • Travel Family Plan - Plan meant for family travelers. Coverage up to 8 Children (< 18 years) and single parent traveling with children also considered as family. No mandatory requirement of common surname in the policy.
    • Travel Lite Plan
      • Schengen - Plan meant for Travelling to Schengen countries
      • Excluding Americas – Economy Plan meant for people traveling to other than Schengen countries and Americas(USA, Canada, Caribbean Islands & Bahamas)

All the above plans are Schengen visa compliant.

“Travel Secure” cover has some unique features:

    • Travel Visa Rejection Cover – Compensation for Visa rejection
    • Flight Over Booking – Compensation for off-loading due to overbooking
    • Hospital Cash – Reimbursement for incidental expenses while hospitalized
    • Baggage Delay – can be claimed after the first 3 hours
    • Global Coverage
    • Terrorism /Winter Sports Extension

Please click here to find the Brochure and Policy Wording of Easy Journey Travel Insurance for outbound travelers.

We will be happy to assist you with more details. Please drop in an email to Mr. Manesh Kutty or call 04-2531356 for more information on the same.


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