Let your worries be ours

  You care for your family and want to provide the best for them. Often your finances may restrict your purchasing power and you may end up taking loans and mortgages to meet the requirements of your loved ones. However, how would your family pay back the loan if they suffer your loss due to any unfortunate event?

Orient Insurance offers you LoanTrust, which provides you comprehensive and affordable coverage to suit your family’s security and financial needs. The decreasing nature of your liability will serve as an economical solution to protect your family from the strain of paying back your debts.

How does this plan work?

LoanTrust is a pure life assurance plan that offers you the protection you require. It covers you from the financial risks that you may face during the contract duration thus, ensuring you and your family peace of mind and security.

This plan pays the sum assured in case of unfortunate event of death or disability, if opted for.

Eligibility for cover

• Minimum age at entry: 18 years

• Maximum age at entry: 65 years

Premium paying frequencies

• Monthly (through bank orders)

• Half-yearly

• Yearly

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