Remember the sense of pride and responsibility you felt when you carried your child for the first time. From then onwards, you want to protect your child and make sure that his or her future is secure and in the best hands.
Education plays a pivotal role in determining your child’s future and the cost of this is increasing with time.
After meeting all other financial commitments will you have enough money put aside to give your child the best education for a promising future?

Why Educare Limited?
Educare is a Guaranteed Maturity Endowment plan that offers dual benefits: financial protection against any unforeseen events along with a savings element that guarantees the sum assured plus the accrued bonus on survival at maturity of policy.

Key features:

  1. Flexibility to choose the premium payment term from 1 year to 2/3rd of the plan term
  2. Plan term options from 8 years to 30 years
  3. In the event of death-100% Sum Assured and Guaranteed Family Income Benefits 1% of the Sum Assured is paid out every month to the family for the remaining plan term
  4. At maturity receive a Guaranteed Amount of 100% of Sum Assured plus 1% per annum Guaranteed Bonus for entire plan term along with the revisionary & terminal bonus(if any)