Put their future in secure hands

Remember the sense of pride and responsibility you felt when you carried your child for the first time. From then onwards, you want to protect your child and make sure that his or her future is secure and in the best hands. Education plays a pivotal role in determining your child’s future and the cost of this is increasing with time. After meeting all other financial commitments will you have enough money put aside to give your child the best education for a promising future?

Orient Insurance offers you EduCare, an insurance plan which is designed to give your child the much needed financial security from his or her school education to university and beyond. It enables you to plan ahead for your children so that they will have the choice of the world’s very best education. Go ahead and give them the very best start in life.

How does this plan work?

EduCare offers you to save for your child’s education via easy payments of affordable premiums on a yearly, half-yearly or monthly basis. Its flexible terms allow you to decide how much, how often and for how long you wish to save.

In the unfortunate event of death or disability the, premium on your policy will be paid by the Company till the maturity of the policy. In addition the Company will pay 1% of the Sum assured from the date of such event till maturity, which will help finance the school fees of your child.

On completion of the term total insured amount plus bonuses, as applicable, shall be paid to accomplish your dream of educating your child further.

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