Remember the sense of pride and responsibility you felt when you carried your child for the first time. From then onwards, you want to protect your child and make sure that his or her future is secure and in the best hands. Education plays a pivotal role in determining your child’s future and the cost of this is increasing with time. After meeting all other financial commitments will you have enough money put aside to give your child the best education for a promising future?
Different people have different dreams for their retirement. You have a dream too but, will you have the resources to make your retirement years special and fruitful by maintaining your desired lifestyle and fulfilling your dreams?
You cannot alter what is destined in the future. At the back of your mind are you often nagged by the fear of your family’s protection? Whom would they rely on in case anything untoward happened to you?
Your obligations towards your family know no bounds and you endeavor to fulfill all of your commitments to the best of your ability. However, the future is uncertain and no-one knows what lies ahead. Who then shall be your family’s pillar of strength? Will they have enough financial support to carry on? That is why it is makes sense to have some certainty and security, so you can be prepared for any eventuality.
You care for your family and want to provide the best for them. Often your finances may restrict your purchasing power and you may end up taking loans and mortgages to meet the requirements of your loved ones. However, how would your family pay back the loan if they suffer your loss due to any unfortunate event?
Your family depends on you as the breadwinner. Owing to life’s unpredictability do you feel the need for protection through insurance but fear investing a large sum of money as premiums?
We all have aspirations. You have some too. Our financial needs are multiplying all the time, yet the capacity to cater for them is limited. Have you thought of how you shall be able to meet the financial requirements of these aspirations?