Because dreams never grow old

Different people have different dreams for their retirement. You have a dream too but, will you have the resources to make your retirement years special and fruitful by maintaining your desired lifestyle and fulfilling your dreams?

Orient Insurance offers you FutureInvest, an insurance plan which gives you the choice to save for your retirement years ahead while you are young and earning so that you will be able to continue the same lifestyle after retirement without having to depend on anyone else or compromise on your dreams.

How does this plan work?

FutureInvest provides you a dual opportunity: risk protection and an investment via a unit fund account. You can select to either pay a single premium at one time or regular premiums on an yearly, half-yearly or monthly basis.

This is a flexible and tailor-made retirement plan that ensures that you receive the accumulated cash amount at maturity enabling you the luxury of choice to live your new life with your loved ones on your own terms.

You also have the choice to select the amount payable in case of the unfortunate event of death prior to the maturity of your policy:

Option A: Higher value return

Receive the higher of either the cash value or sum assured.

Option B: Added value return

Receive both the sum assured plus the cash value.

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