We are living in a world of uncertainty. which raises concerns about future income. Pension becomes an important factor at a time when you retire and salary stops, but the mounting expenses continue.

Introducing Orient Pension Plan, a one of a kind product that provides the opportunity to receive dollar income, for a comfortable retirement.

Why Orient Pension Plan?

Orient Insurance PJSC offers you “Orient Pension Plan”, an unit linked insurance plan which contains elements of saving, investments and protection all in a single product. Orient Pension Plan is designed to protect you from uncertain events and to ensure peace of mind through sufficient fun at the end of the plan term. It would help your family to maintain their standard of living.

Key feature of Plan:

  1. Enjoy regular income in USD for as long as 20 years with capital protection of the vested amount
  2. Insurance cover helps the family with lump sum if the breadwinner is no longer alive
  3. Receive cover for 37 critical illness and terminal illness till the age of 85.
  4. Higher allocation