Plan ahead to stay ahead

Your obligations towards your family know no bounds and you endeavor to fulfill all of your commitments to the best of your ability. However, the future is uncertain and no-one knows what lies ahead. Who then shall be your family’s pillar of strength? Will they have enough financial support to carry on? That is why it is makes sense to have some certainty and security, so you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Orient Insurance offers you LifeShield, an endowment plan which enables you to secure your family’s well being, and creates a strong financial back up in case of any unforeseen eventualities.

How does this plan work?

LifeShield is a tailor made endowment plan that allows you the dual benefit of financial protection  against unforeseen events and full sum assured plus accrued bonus paybacks on survival of the term.

In case of unfortunate event of death, or disability (if opted for) your family will receive the sum assured.

Eligibility for cover

• Minimum age at entry: 18 years

• Maximum age at entry: 65 years

Premium paying frequencies

• Monthly (through bank orders)

• Half-yearly

• Yearly