What is Protect Plus?

Protect Plus Insurance policy has got 4 Sections namely:

  • Section 1 – Key Cover: Covers loss or theft of all keys for customers’ home &/or vehicle which were attached to his/her key FOB at the time of loss or theft during the Period of Insurance
  • Section 2 – Roadworthiness Cover: Covers repair, replacement and/or adjustment of roadworthiness of components failed in Annual Roadworthiness test as defined in the Protect plus policy
  • Section 3 – Tyre Cover: Coves repair or replacement (if unrepairable) during the period of insurance for damages except Motor accident
  • Section 4 – Out of Pocket Expenses Cover: Covers the out of pocket expenses due to vehicle breakdown not associated with a motor accident

Please click here to download the policy wordings for more details including the terms and conditions.

For more details on Protect Plus Insurance, please e-mail Mr. Manesh Kutty or call 04-2531356

In the event a claim arises you must Contact the Claims Administrator on at ORIENT INSURANCE PJSC on:

Telephone 009714 2531662, 2531653, 2531655, 2531 300 & fax 009714 2531 500 or


The claims department is open 9:00am to 5:00pm Sunday to Thursday.